Our pricing models are suited to help different organizations in their various stages of growth.

Our pricing models are simple and tailored for organizations in various growth stages.

Team-based billing

This model benefits large organizations, offering the flexibility to hire an offshore team over yearly terms, empowering you to make strategic decisions.

Business units

Create business units on the fly with this model and reduce your business's overheads.


At RocketApex, we do not charge for tiny startups with 1-2 employees. We want to help startups get off the launchpad as quickly as possible.

Hourly billing

This model is suitable for startups in the revenue stage. You hire consultants at an hourly rate and employ them to build your product.

Project-based billing

Pay for projects rather than consultants. This model allows you to have a definite outcome and pay for it.

Monthly billing

If your startup is in the growth stage, our monthly billing model is the perfect fit. With this model, you can build strong teams and foster better collaboration by having a dedicated team always in place. This model ensures continuity in your operations and provides a cost-effective solution compared to hiring full-time employees.


For non-profits, it is always free at RocketApex.

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