Logistics & Transportation

We have helped many organizations in the logistics industry to increase their efficiency and move away from traditional systems.

We have specific service offerings that we provide for the logistics industry. Explore the below services so that you can know what would apply to your company.


Consulting & Strategy

Your organization could have a growth problem, may be a cost reduction problem, or could be a technology problem. Whatever the problem may be, our expert team of consultants can help solve issues for you.

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Startup Engineering

Startups require a radical approach to development. Consulting can not help startups. Only fast development and quick "go to market" solutions will benefit startups immensely. We are here to provide a quick solution for startups to face the market.

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These are our curated white papers for the logistics industry. Please take a look and read to learn more about our research in this domain.

White paper

Design thinking leads to better revenues

Our research has found that design thinking are helping companies to increase their revenues. Learn about the best practices for design thinking.

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Read our previous results using case studies

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Increasing customer happiness with Discourse

Read about how our consultants used Discourse for our customer to increase their end users' happiness

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Read about how we helped some of our customers achieve their business goals.


Arull Cabs

Arull Cabs came to us to improve upon their legacy systems and reduce paper work. We helped them to move into cloud and thus manage their fleets from anywhere. We also reduced their paper work by 80% by introducing an online booking management system.

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Read what we have learnt over the years through our insights.

Top 3 reasons Rails engines can help to improve the quality of your code
In our experience, we have found that rails engines help teams to write modular code with minimal effort.
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