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89% of our customers increased revenue within four months

Your organization might be facing a growth problem, cost reduction issue, or technology challenge. Our team of expert consultants is here to help resolve it.

Our testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with RocketApex and was impressed with their exceptional technical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

The consultants demonstrated a deep understanding of Ruby on Rails, quickly identifying and resolving any issues that arose during the project. They were proactive in suggesting improvements and optimizations to our codebase, making our application faster and more efficient.

Their communication skills were excellent, always keeping me updated on the project's progress and making collaboration effortless.

Overall, I highly recommend RocketApex to anyone seeking a reliable and skilled Ruby on Rails team.

Florian Felsing
Chief Technology Officer, Germany
Global Commerce Media Gmbh

RocketApex has been truly awesome to work with. There's a tremendous number of sofware vendors to choose from and making the initial decision was difficult, but after a few communications, I chose RocketApex and I can't imagine I could have made a better decision. Their speed and expertise has been invaluable and it does not seem possible that another vendor could have been better. Thank you RocketApex for your great communication, expertise, and professionalsim."

Chris Cunningham
Sales Director, North Carolina, United States
Intelatek Inc

RocketApex was great! They competently got the job done, was great at communicating, and clearly is a talented software vendor. I am a software engineer myself and they understood the requirements exactly and got the job done well.

Nate Clark
CEO & Founder, Greater Orlando, United States
Konnected Inc

Aligned with your company goals

We grasp your company's objectives, analyze your challenges, and provide our recommendations. Our consulting considers your needs and goals to deliver outstanding results.

We think out of the box

Our innovation-driven consultants help you consider your challenges uniquely, enabling the development of new solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Implementable step-by-step guide

Our suggestions are simple to implement, organic, and easy enough to create organizational changes. You will see results within months of our engagement with you.

Our values remain the same for all our focus areas:

  • Create a positive impact on our clients
  • Always strive to analyze and find out how to do things better
  • Learn quickly and iterate enough to get the most value out of any situation

Our consulting offering is a catalyst for companies, enabling them to create new opportunities for themselves and their customers. We guide our customers to learn from their past, improving for the future. This involves in-depth analysis of their processes, people, and potential, leading to innovative ideas and consultative suggestions for enhancing their businesses.

Consulting involves all stakeholders

Consulting thrives when all stakeholders are actively and positively engaged in the process, creating a collaborative and fruitful environment.

Strategy is as important as tactics

Some consulting firms rely on strategy alone. We rely on strategy and the action plans needed to create positive change.

Our consulting practice gives importance to the most valuable principles in the business.

Value creation

Many opportunities are missed because the people responsible are not equipped to see value creation as an essential step in any process. We help companies and their people understand their existing values and train them to create more value.

Future-proofing business

Businesses focused on current and immediate problems miss out on future opportunities. We help organizations understand their strengths and create a strategy encompassing future visions.

Some examples of results from our previous customers


Increase in revenue for a US customer

We helped them to diversify into adjacent business verticals to increase their revenue.


Reduction in costs for a German customer

We reduced support costs by setting up a GCC offshore.


Reduction in churn for a UK SaaS customer

We helped identify customer pain points and enabled them to solve unknown issues.
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Increasing customer happiness with Discourse

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Design thinking leads to better revenues

Our research has found that design thinking are helping companies to increase their revenues. Learn about the best practices for design thinking.

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