Startup Engineering

Startups require a radical approach to development. Consulting can not help startups. Only fast development and quick "go to market" solutions will benefit startups immensely. We are here to provide a quick solution for startups to face the market.

We value the following when it comes to startups:

Agility is paramount for startups

Startups face multiple problems during their initial stages. Development should not be one. We help startups to focus on their business strategy.

Building the right foundation

Setting the stage for success requires a lot of efforts and future proofing the business. We help startups to set the right foundation so that future growth will be maximized. We also help startups to navigate the ever changing technology space so that they can focus on the business.

Helping to pivot

Most startups should be able to pivot if it becomes necessary. We help build the tech stack for startups so that it is easier to change and can be subject to pivots if required.

2 months

Time taken to build a MVP for a German customer

We used ruby on rails to quickly build out an MVP so that the product could be tested in the market

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