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We helped Prescouter to build an internal research assistant management portal and reduce the turn around time on the research papers.



FxStore wanted to build an innovative foreign exchange platform digital-first. We helped them achieve their dreams.



From MVP to idea, we helped accord wall build an agile software management tool that helps teams to track their agile velocity and user stories. We were instrumental in creating the platform that helped to take the product to market in a record time.


Cozy Nest

Cozy Nest wanted to showcase their new condo properties to their potential customers. We helped them build a 3D walkthrough for the best customer experience. We helped them sell all properties within a couple of months from launch.



Indinero is a YC backed startup that came to us for augmenting their ruby on rails team. We helped to setup a team of expert ruby on rails developers and thus helped them to move fast.


Send a Like

Send a like is a social media concept that our long-term customers wanted to experiment on. We helped them build an MVP without much cost and time, thus helping them to test the market.


Support Dir

One of our customers in the support industry wanted to build a tool that will help their existing customers and add more value. We helped them from the inception to the launch of the tool.


Arull Cabs

Arull Cabs came to us to improve upon their legacy systems and reduce paper work. We helped them to move into cloud and thus manage their fleets from anywhere. We also reduced their paper work by 80% by introducing an online booking management system.