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Have you ever felt that managing software projects is painful? If so, you are in the majority. At RocketApex, using our decades of experience, we have developed unique processes that help remove stress from our customers while we take care of all the complexities of software development.

You can now relax and sip coffee while we build your software.

Product and services together

Our products and services work in perfect harmony, offering our clients the best of both worlds. We don't just enhance, we accelerate your GTM strategy by utilizing our existing products to seamlessly integrate with your unique business models.

Our products stand out due to their unique nature as an integrated service provider, allowing for heavy customization.

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Run your business with our shiny new product.

Our flagship product has different apps for different business needs. Using a single product, you can start your website, track your expenses, track your team's to-dos, track your CRM, or even build your marketing campaigns—all billed as one.

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Newly Launched

Are you Hiring? Try EleganceJobs

EleganceJobs helps streamline your recruitment process. Our product offers an improved ATS, micro-site, and onboarding journey, reducing noise and enhancing the experience for your team and candidates.

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We help transform companies

We are the experts behind transforming some of the prominent organizations into their most efficient versions.

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We are magic

RocketApex is your reliable source for the best in technology, expertise, and collaboration. We're here to empower your business to make a difference. With RocketApex by your side, you can sleep soundly, confident that we're always prepared to handle any situation, including emergencies.

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What do our customers say?

I had the pleasure of working with RocketApex and was impressed with their exceptional technical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

The consultants demonstrated a deep understanding of Ruby on Rails, quickly identifying and resolving any issues that arose during the project. They were proactive in suggesting improvements and optimizations to our codebase, making our application faster and more efficient.

Their communication skills were excellent, always keeping me updated on the project's progress and making collaboration effortless.

Overall, I highly recommend RocketApex to anyone seeking a reliable and skilled Ruby on Rails team.

Florian Felsing
Chief Technology Officer
Global Commerce Media Gmbh, Germany

RocketApex has been truly awesome to work with. There's a tremendous number of sofware vendors to choose from and making the initial decision was difficult, but after a few communications, I chose RocketApex and I can't imagine I could have made a better decision. Their speed and expertise has been invaluable and it does not seem possible that another vendor could have been better. Thank you RocketApex for your great communication, expertise, and professionalsim."

Chris Cunningham
Sales Director
Intelatek Inc

RocketApex was great! They competently got the job done, was great at communicating, and clearly is a talented software vendor. I am a software engineer myself and they understood the requirements exactly and got the job done well.

CEO & Founder
Konnected Inc

Our trusted customers


Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Some of our customers

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Design thinking leads to better revenues

Our research has found that design thinking are helping companies to increase their revenues. Learn about the best practices for design thinking.

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Increasing customer happiness with Discourse

Read about how our consultants used Discourse for our customer to increase their end users' happiness

Birdies, pars or bogeys?

Software projects are bound to fail most of the time. But we are experts in getting them back on track.

Consulting and strategy is our expertise, and you can reap the benefits of decades of experience from our previous projects.

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Focus on business impact

Small teams driven by creativity and passion have been our backbone. We have experts who fit themselves in your shoes to understand your requirements better and deliver software the way you want it.

Organic process improvement

Any software's initial idea changes at a rate faster than the rate at which the software is being developed. Both Agile and Rails encourages to accept these changes anytime during development without any delay.

Decade-term solutions

Fast prototyping coupled with shorter release cycles help us deliver quality software in less time. This makes the software market-worthy faster with core functionality thus maximizing your returns on investment.

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