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Welcome to the magic of technology

RocketApex brings the best of technology, best of expertise, best of people with the best of collaboration, for you to change the world. We want to be the hidden partners who empower your business with technology so that you can be peaceful at night, knowing RocketApex will take care of everything, including emergencies.

Welcome to the Magic.

We help transform companies

We are the experts behind transforming some of the big organizations into their most efficient versions. Learn more to read about us

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Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

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Design thinking leads to better revenues

Our research has found that design thinking are helping companies to increase their revenues. Learn about the best practices for design thinking.

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Case study

Increasing customer happiness with Discourse

Read about how our consultants used Discourse for our customer to increase their end users' happiness

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Product managers.

Software developers.

Design thinkers.


We are your champions.

Software projects are bound be fail most of the times. But we are experts in bringing back the software projects into the right capacity.

Consulting is our expertise and you get the benefits of years of experience from our previous projects.

Focus on business impact

Small teams driven by creativity and passion have been our backbone. We have experts who fit themselves in your shoes to understand your requirements better and deliver software the way you want it.

Organic process improvement

Any software's initial idea changes at a rate faster than the rate at which the software is being developed. Both Agile and Rails encourages to accept these changes anytime during development without any delay.

Decade-term solutions

Fast prototyping coupled with shorter release cycles help us deliver quality software in less time. This makes the software market-worthy faster with core functionality thus maximizing your returns on investment.

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